Inuvio Launches ScanCloud Card-Reading Service

Transform Patient Check-In: Intelligent Card Reading in any Environment

Plano, Texas—February 28, 2014—Inuvio is pleased to announce the launch of ScanCloud, a cloud-based data extraction service designed to automate patient check-in.  ScanCloud accepts images of IDs and insurance cards, performs advanced imaging and data extraction, and returns the extracted data and processed card images directly to PM/EHR applications.  ScanCloud can be deployed in any internet-connected setting, allowing any medical front office to improve the speed and accuracy of acquiring patient data. ScanCloud makes Inuvio’s years of data extraction experience available to any application, in any environment and on any platform.

With ScanCloud, every PM/EHR application can use an easy-to-integrate, simple web API to access a constantly updated and highly available web service.  Developers can use these tools to create seamless integrations and practical new apps that offload the heavy lifting of advanced imaging and data extraction to a constantly-updated cloud service.

“Image processing and data extraction is an excellent fit for a cloud-based model,” said Kyle Ragan, Inuvio’s Director of Integrated Products. “A cloud model allows Inuvio engineers to constantly monitor the performance and reliability of the service, keep it up to date with new card types, and continually improve it with minimal to no impact on our partners. Additionally, offloading the computation to our servers removes the limitations of aging and/or virtualized IT infrastructure in the typical medical environment.”

ScanCloud was designed with data security as a central concern, employing industry-leading security that is fully HIPAA/HITECH compliant.  “ScanCloud’s security model was designed to ensure that all data is fully encrypted both in-flight and at-rest,” said Bryan Taylor, Vice President of Development. “By utilizing industry-standard communication protocols, security remains our concern, enabling our partners to focus on their own applications.”

Inuvio is a proven leader in front desk image and data acquisition solutions such as ScanSharp and ScanOCR.  With ScanCloud, Inuvio has designed an effective solution for the evolving needs of the medical industry. Inuvio continues to create cutting-edge services and software that reliably operate within the highly-varied IT environments throughout the health care market.


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