Inuvio Introduces ScanSharp 7

Plano, Texas—January 6, 2014—Inuvio is pleased to announce the release of ScanSharp 7, Inuvio’s next iteration in easy-to-use digital imaging solutions.  ScanSharp 7 enables the quick and easy import of any patient document directly into any PM/EHR environment and is designed for the latest Windows operating systems.  Since ScanSharp 7 auto-scans patient IDs, insurance cards, and other documents with ease at the front desk, physician practices no longer need to rely on copying and collecting mountains of paperwork.

ScanSharp 7 has been designed and optimized to work worry-free with front desk staff, as it requires minimal interaction with the application.  The scanner is always ready for a document and ScanSharp 7 silently and automatically stores the document image in the correct location.  The interface has been enhanced with a modern style, while adding improved workflow and customer-requested features.  By eliminating photocopying, improving practice workflow, and accelerating patient intake, ScanSharp 7 saves practices hundreds of hours of time and labor per year.

“We believe that effective scanning solutions should require the front desk to do nothing more than put a document through a scanner, without needless interaction with complicated software interfaces,” said Justin Appleby, President of Inuvio. “ScanSharp 7 was designed to work with your existing systems, not the other way around. With minimal configuration, practices can implement a complete scanning solution within their existing environment.”

ScanSharp 7 Features Include:

  • Simple, user-friendly scanning automation
  • Configurable for auto-saving documents to any desired location
  • Customizable image configurations
  • Remote Control API available for PM/EHR systems
  • Persistent configurations for various scanning/output options
  • Configurable scanning, file saving, printer & e-fax options
  • Helps meet meaningful use requirements

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Press Contact

Josh Frieling
214.550.5995 x801