Patient check-in for gPM is transitioning to a cloud application.  No longer will data extraction for gMed rely on client-side processing and preloaded card templates. PatientCollector for gPM will now be able to leverage all of Inuvio’s card templates in the cloud and be able to match and extract for better results in a matter of seconds.

Of course it will still be the same easy workflow. Scan a patient identification and/or insurance card. PatientCollector will match the card type then extract all the pertinent patient data and seamlessly auto-populate the patient’s file, complete with the scanned card images and patient photo.  Fully-documented and automated check-in workflows means more time for staff to tend to other tasks, more satisfied patients, and a sequence that always puts card images where they need to be to verify data for claims or billing. Fewer entry errors translates to fewer denials and greater revenues for your practice.  

  • Streamlines patient check-in by extracting data from scanned cards
  • Always up-to-date with a continually growing card database 
  • Creates and updates patient records with extracted patient data and card images 
  • Decreases data entry errors and adds card images, reducing claim denials
  • Works with most TWAIN-Compliant Scanners
  • HIPAA/HITECH Compliant 
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