Modernizing Medicine, in partnership with Inuvio, is excited to offer a new cloud service for modmedPM that greatly enhances patient data entry at the front desk. With next-generation data extraction technologies for IDs and insurance cards, clients can simply open the scanning interface within a patient record and scan a patient’s ID or insurance card. The service will determine the card type, extract the pertinent demographic and insurance data for the patient, present it to the front desk user for review, and seamlessly auto-populate the patient’s file with the data upon submission. Complete with the images of the scanned cards and the patient photo, the service enables an optimized check-in workflow that creates accurate, fully-documented patient records quickly and easily, enabling practice staff to devote more time to patient needs and other tasks. The optimized workflow places all card images in their proper location in modmedPM, ensuring that they are easily accessible if they are needed to verify data for claims or billing. 

Double data verification at the front desk vastly reduces claims denials due to data entry errors and minimizes the time and effort required to rework denied claims, reducing administrative costs while increasing both the timeliness and amount of revenues received for your practice.

  • Streamlines patient check-in by extracting ID and insurance data from scanned cards
  • Creates and updates patient records with extracted patient data and card images 
  • Decreases data entry errors, reducing claim denials and improving patient billing data
  • Ensures that all scanned ID and insurance card images are properly filed
  • Simplifies the reworking of claims and the correction of patient billing data
  • Supports most scanners that are TWAIN-compliant or supported by Image Capture (OS X)
  • Provides comprehensive, up-to-date support for ID/insurance card types, updated daily
  • Complies with all HIPAA/HITECH rules and regulations

Please complete the form and an Inuvio representative will get in touch with you shortly to discuss how the service can improve workflows at your practice.

Please complete the form and an Inuvio rep will get in touch with you shortly.

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