Automated Scanning & Data Extraction

Say good-bye to paperwork, copiers and manual data entry. With Inuvio’s ScanOCR digital scanning software, you’ll free your physician practice from the endless hours required to collect, copy and manually enter patient data.

Incorrect or outdated patient information can greatly affect the financial health and well-being of your practice by slowing down reimbursement cycles, increasing denials and requiring thousands of hours in front desk clerical time. Not anymore.

ScanOCR enables your physician practice to fully automate patient data capture, rapidly accelerating the speed and accuracy in processing all types of cards and documents and preventing unnecessary errors. Unlike other imaging solutions, Inuvio’s ScanOCR doesn’t just scan an image of a patient documents, but actually “reads” each character and seamlessly auto-populates your PM/EHR system(s) with editable data.

Using ScanOCR, your practice will virtually eliminate the time spent making copies, manually entering patient data, and taking patient photos. With the Local Templating feature, your office administration can customize ScanOCR to understand the specific cards and documents that your practice sees everyday. ScanOCR is TWAIN compliant so it is compatible with existing TWAIN scanner hardware.


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