Simple, Automated Scanning

Say good-bye to paperwork and copiers and say hello to ScanSharp by Inuvio. Free your physician practice from the hassle of copying and collecting paperwork. Simply scan patient IDs, insurance cards, and other documents with ease, right at the front desk.

ScanSharp is an easy-to-use digital scanning and imaging application that enables the quick and easy import of all types of patient data and other critical information directly into your PM/EHR. ScanSharp uses TWAIN-compliant scanning hardware to capture images of patient demographic and insurance information in seconds. By eliminating photocopying, improving practice workflow and accelerating patient intake, ScanSharp saves your practice time and money every year.

With unparalleled ease-of-use and automation, ScanSharp is the perfect choice for the data capture needs of physicians, dentists, ophthalmologists, optometrists, pharmacists, and laboratories. ScanSharp automatically starts scanning as soon as a document is inserted, without the need for further user interaction. Let Inuvio automate your document scanning, speed up patient intake, and simplify your front desk workflow.

ScanSharp digital scanner software enables customers like doctors, bankers, police and others to capture card, document, receipt, and other hardcopy data in seconds as a digital file. No more hand-keying and photocopying. ScanSharp is an scanning and imaging software application that works in conjunction with a variety of scanning hardware, which we also offer. ScanSharp is the accurate and efficient solution to all your image and data capture needs.


  • Simple, Fast & Hassle-Free Scanning
  • Automate Your Scanning Workflow
  • Works with Citrix / RDP Thin Client Environments
  • Use with Any TWAIN-Compliant Scanner
  • Integrate Seamlessly with Your PM/EHR
  • Customize the Configuration to Your Needs
  • Save, Copy, Print & E-Fax Automatically
  • Crop, Combine & Orient Scanned Images
  • Output Files in the Format You Need, Even PDF
  • Speed Up Patient Check-In & Document Collection
  • Improve Revenue Cycle Management


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