Inuvio Announces ScanCloud Update

Intelligent Cloud-Based Scanning & Data Extraction

Plano, Texas—July 10, 2016 — Inuvio is pleased to announce the latest iteration of ScanCloud, our intelligent image processing and data extraction cloud services suite. ScanCloud enables unprecedented levels of collaboration regardless of your existing platforms and network environments, all while keeping your patient data safe and secure. ScanCloud can automatically crop, combine and orient images as well as deliver any extracted data as editable text.

ScanCloud works with any images from high-quality image capture devices, from scanners to tablets to other mobile devices, extracting patient data from driver’s licenses and medical insurance cards. All of the benefits of enterprise-class digital scanning, imaging and intelligent data extraction are available on any platform or system configuration. ScanCloud is easy to deploy and integrate with your existing PM / EMR system and enables rapid deployment with minimal retraining, if any. Because ScanCloud is cloud-based, it is compatible with any environment, including desktop and mobile applications, and thin clients such as CITRIX, Remote Desktop Services and VMWare.

ScanCloud requires minimal upfront capital because it is offered on a “pay as you go” software as a service (SaaS) model, meaning that you simply pay a monthly subscription fee, lowering your total overall technology costs. With ScanCloud you get all of the productivity benefits of accurately capturing and auto-populating patient data into your EMR / PM systems, accelerating reimbursement cycles and reducing denials caused by incorrectly captured data, all for a low monthly price.

ScanCloud was designed with data security as a central concern, employing industry-leading security that is fully HIPAA/HITECH compliant. “ScanCloud’s security model was designed to ensure that all data is fully encrypted both in-flight and at-rest,” said Bryan Taylor, Vice President of Development. “By utilizing industry-standard communication protocols, security remains our concern, enabling our partners to focus on their own applications.”

Inuvio is a proven leader in front desk image and data acquisition solutions such as ScanSharp and ScanOCR. With ScanCloud, Inuvio has designed an effective solution for the evolving needs of the medical industry. Inuvio continues to create cutting-edge software, services and APIs that facilitate the needs of the highly-varied IT environments throughout the healthcare industry.


ScanCloud Benefits:

  • Deliver Extracted Data as Editable Text
  • Auto-Populate Your PM / EHR Systems
  • Read Card Data Automatically
  • Reduce Data Entry Errors & Denials
  • Eliminate Copying, Typing & Labor Costs
  • Improve Revenue Cycle Management
  • Choose the Pricing Model that Fits Your Needs
  • Deploy Anywhere: Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Integrate Easily: .NET/iOS SDKs, Web API
  • Ideal for Citrix / RDP thin Client Environments
  • Snap, Scan or Select Image Files
  • Crop, Combine & Orient Images
  • Supports Multiple Image Formats
  • HIPAA/HITECH Compliant


Press Contact
William Dooley
214.550.5995 x817