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Welcome to the future of collecting patient documentation, from the front desk to the back office. As practice management systems have continued to evolve, Inuvio has stayed ahead of the curve by creating powerful, intuitive tools using the best new technologies available. PatientCollector, our newest solution, is a testament to how this evolution can be leveraged to help streamline a practice by saving time, reducing clerical errors and denials, and ensuring that all necessary patient documentation is properly collected and filed. PatientCollector is an integrated, browser-based service that assists healthcare providers across departments by digitizing and organizing physical patient data.

PatientCollector is the product of years of experience with medical document capture and data extraction, coupled with time spent listening to and working in tandem with our customers to fully understand the practical needs of their practices. By utilizing modern APIs, PatientCollector users can easily extract patient information and upload and assign patient documents to different segments of their EHR/PM, all from one centralized location. Since every practice is unique, PatientCollector supports a wide range of workflows and is designed to meet the needs of your administrative best practices. PatientCollector is simple, intuitive and modeled after common data entry workflows, drastically minimizing the need for retraining.

PatientCollector works with any TWAIN-compliant scanner and it is offered as a simple, pay-as-you-go plan on a per-provider basis, requiring no upfront capital investment in most cases. Inuvio also takes great care in always leveraging industry-leading encryption and security models when handling patient data.

Let Inuvio solve your patient documentation needs so you can focus on what most important: your patients.


  • Speed Up Patient Check-In & Document Collection
  • Scan Patient Documents Directly from Your Browser
  • Automatically Read ID & Insurance Card Data
  • Fast, Accurate Data Extraction
  • Intuitive User Experience with Minimal Training
  • Always Up-To-Date
  • HIPAA/HITECH Compliant
  • Monthly Per-Provider Pricing
  • Works with All TWAIN-Compliant Scanners
  • Compatible with Any Computing Environment
  • Reduce Typing, Labor Costs & Data Entry Errors
  • Generate Documents for Referrals Automatically
  • Works with Chrome/IE/Edge/Firefox/Safari
  • Deliver Patient Info as Editable Data to Your PM/EHR

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