ScanSharp 8: Simple, Automated Scanning by Inuvio

Plano, Texas—September 21, 2016 — We are pleased to announce the release of ScanSharp 8, the latest iteration of Inuvio’s industry leading, easy-to-use document scanning solution. Say good-bye to paperwork and copiers and say hello to ScanSharp 8 by Inuvio. Free your office from the hassle of copying and collecting paperwork. Quickly scan cards or documents of any type with ease, at the front desk or in the back office.

ScanSharp 8 enables customers across industries to quickly capture card, document, receipt, and other hardcopy data as a digital file. No more hand-keying and photocopying. Simplify your document capture workflow to little more than inserting a document into a scanner. ScanSharp 8 automatically starts scanning as soon as a document is inserted, without the need for further user interaction.

While it is used across numerous industries, ScanSharp has been developed from the beginning with a central focus on the needs of healthcare providers, practices and hospitals. Our years of experience accommodating and improving the wild world of workflows across the healthcare industry has resulted in ScanSharp 8, a very robust, highly configurable and supremely simple document scanning solution that fits the needs of the healthcare industry and beyond.

ScanSharp 8 enables quick, easy and customizable document scanning that can be configured to the specific needs of your practice and PM/EHR. Practices can scan all types of documents using preset configurations for import into any PM/EHR. Practices using fully-integrated PM/EHR partners can even have the documents directly imported into the proper location in their PM/EHR. With unparalleled ease-of-use and automation, ScanSharp 8 is the perfect choice for the image capture needs of hospitals, medical practices, therapy centers, dental practices, vision centers, pharmacies, laboratories and the like. Let Inuvio automate your document scanning, speed up patient intake, and simplify your front desk workflow.

“We believe that effective scanning solutions must be simple, intuitive and designed to enhance your workflows, from the front desk to the back office,” said Justin Appleby, President of Inuvio. “Since ScanSharp 8 was specifically designed to work with your existing systems, users can implement a complete scanning solution within their existing environment with little-to-no configuration necessary.”

In addition to being faster and more efficient than previous versions, ScanSharp 8 was designed for the latest Windows operating systems and it was engineered to more gracefully handle a much wider range of scanners, making ScanSharp 8 the fastest, most reliable and most widely compatible version of ScanSharp to date.


ScanSharp 8 Benefits:

  • Simple, Fast & Hassle-Free Scanning
  • Automated Scanning Workflows
  • Works with Citrix, VMware, Thin/Zero Client, RDP-Based Virtualized Environments
  • Works with Most Scanners TWAIN-Compliant
  • Integrates Seamlessly with Your PM/EHR
  • Customizable Configurations to Fit Your Needs
  • Save, Copy, Print & E-Fax Automatically
  • Crop, Combine & Orient Scanned Images
  • Output Files in the Format You Need, Even PDF
  • Speed Up Check-In & Document Collection
  • Helps Meet Regulatory Requirements
  • Improve Revenue Cycle Management
  • Works with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10


Press Contact
Josh Frieling