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INUVIO ScanGlobal Enterprise Network Scanning Software

Say good-bye to paperwork, copiers and manual data entry. With INUVIO’s ScanSharp software, free your physician practice from the inordinate amount of time required to collect, copy and manually re-enter patient data.

Designed for larger enterprise environments, ScanGlobal 6.0 is the perfect solution for enabling digital scanning & imaging throughout all of your physician practices and office environments.

View / Download INUVIO ScanGlobal Data Sheet
View / Download INUVIO ScanGlobal Data Sheet

Request Demo ButtonScanGlobal allows a single scanner in a network to scan directly to a remote server over your existing LAN or WAN. With ScanGlobal, imaging hardware on any workstation can be accessed by any software running on a RDP Terminal Service. ScanGlobal allows any enterprise document management server software, such as ScanSharp® or others, to access any networked imaging hardware increasing overall cost-savings and efficiency.

ScanGlobal allows users to scan directly from their workstation to a server without shared folders or jeopardizing network security. ScanGlobal offers seamless and solid image and document scanning over complex network environments with no noticeable increase in scanning time even when used with high-speed hardware. ScanGlobal addresses the need for cards and documents to be scanned and stored on a remote server in any business with multiple distributed office locations. Image scanning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) applications can vary for the following vertical markets, including Healthcare, Financial, Transportation, Security, Rental, Insurance, Legal, Government, Education and beyond

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Benefits of ScanGlobal Networked, Enterprise Scanning and Imaging Software

> NETWORKABLE – Quickly and easily scan, share and store images and documents over your IP / LAN / WAN network locally or among distributed offices.

> ACCURATE – Combine with ScanSharp®, to recognize, transfer, and store images directly to a remote server.

> EFFICIENT – Share a single network device with multiple users with no increase in scan imaging processing time.

> COMPATIBLE – Use to network imaging hardware or “scanner” in your choice of network environments from RDP/Terminal Services.

> SUPPORT –  Industry leading two year unlimited warranty and support.

Features of ScanGlobal Networked, Enterprise Scanning and Imaging Software

Access Remote Imaging Hardware Over Networks

> Use in RDP/Terminal Environments

> Network Image Scanning

> Scan and Store Documents Directly to Remote Server

> No Noticeable Increase in Processing Time

> Share and Store Images among Distributed Offices

> Meets “Meaningful Use” and EHR/EMR Requirements

Specifications of ScanGlobal 2.0 Networked, Enterprise Scanning and Imaging Software

> WARANTY – Includes industry-leading 24-month warranty, maintenance and support.

> SUPPORT – Annual support includes unlimited technical support, license transfers, and software updates.

ScanGlobal 2.0 System Requirements

– Windows based operating systems – Windows® XP, 2003/8 Server, Vista®, and Windows® 7 (32/64 Bit)

ScanGlobal 2.0 Hardware Requirements

– Intel® Pentium® III 933 MHz

– 512MB RAM (1GB recommended)

– 400MB hard disk space

ScanGlobal Supported Scanners

Powered by USB scanning devices:

DocketPORT® Scanners

INUVIO EcoScan® Scanners

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