Innovative Card Scanning Changing Name to INUVIO

Plano, Texas, October 1, 2011 – Innovative Card Scanning, Inc. announces that it is changing its name to INUVIO™, which means Path to Innovation®.  INUVIO was founded as Innovative Card Scanning, Inc. in 2002 by Dr. Daniel Moulton, F.A.A.P., with the idea of delivering a simple, user-friendly imaging and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solution for the healthcare industry under the name MedicScan. The ICS and MedicScan solutions have been installed over 250,000 times worldwide to date. That simple imaging concept has evolved dramatically and today, INUVIO has grown from being a provider of imaging solutions for individual healthcare offices under the name ScanSharp® to partnering with many of the largest healthcare IT solution and Practice Management (PM) vendors to develop integrated applications with our world-class technology. INUVIO’s product reach now extends to the recognition, capture, translation, and transfer of most any form of image, written or printed language, or other data from hard copy media to digital formats and applications in industries ranging from healthcare to financial to security and beyond. INUVIO leads the way in IT (Information Technology) innovation today.

“For a while now Innovative Card Scanning has been doing more than cards and more than scanning so we felt it was time we changed our name to reflect our evolution as a company over the last 9 years.  We are a software company that offers paper-less data acquisition solutions from scanning to optical character recognition to digital document and signature capture to remote scanning and much more”, explained Dr. Dan Moulton, Founder, Owner, and CEO, INUVIO.

INUVIO’s unique technology recognizes, captures, translates, and transfers images and information from hardcopy media to digital formats and applications accurately and efficiently. INUVIO solutions can read a variety of hardcopy media from ID cards, driver’s  licenses, medical cards, insurance cards, passports, business cards, checks, documents, receipts, you name it. INUVIO technology can translate images, text, written language, signatures, 1D and 2D barcodes, magnetic stripes, and just about anything else. INUVIO solutions feature complete imaging, optical character recognition (OCR), fraud detection, authentication, contact management, document processing, and networking. Applications vary from healthcare such as doctors, dentists, vision, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and labs to financial such as banks, brokerages, mortgage, accounting, insurance, legal, shipping, and automotive to security such as law enforcement, government, offices, schools, transportation, entertainment, and staffing to small office/home office such as receipt management, expense reports and tax filing and beyond.

“Our ScanSharp® software enables customers like doctors, bankers, police and others to capture card, document, receipt, and other hardcopy data in seconds as a digital file. No more hand-keying and photocopying. ScanSharp® is an imaging application that works in conjunction with a variety of scanning hardware, which we also offer.  ScanOCR® (Optical Character Recognition) allows you to fully automate document information capture, improving speed and accuracy in processing and preventing unnecessary errors. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) doesn’t image information like text, but “reads” it and provides editable text to other computer applications automatically. The data can be used to auto-populate fields in CRM (Customer Relationship Management), PM (Practice Management), and other document management software from any other vendor. Our technology can also read magnetic stripes or bar-codes and provide that data to third-party applications as well. Our digital signal processing algorithms clean and filter images received from the scanning hardware, such as ID card images even though they may contain watermarks or holograms. Only INUVIO offers OCR technology that not only knows what it is reading, but exactly what to do with it. The days of simple image-only software from other vendors being adequate are over. ScanOCR® is the accurate and efficient answer to all your text and language translation needs”, stated David Miller, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, INUVIO.

INUVIO offers a variety of hardware options to meet all your image and data recognition, capture, translation, and transfer requirements and applications. All of INUVIO’s hardware options provide commercial quality and reliability in the smallest footprint possible. INUVIO offers a selection of simplex or single-sided, duplex or dual-side, and ADF (Automated Document Feeder) devices.  INUVIO’s equipment can scan medical, credit and ID cards, passports, checks, documents, and almost any other type of hard copy media. These devices can easily handle thick media such as laminated and plastic cards with embossed characters and the resulting image is a clear 600dpi resolution. ScanSharp® software is designed to work well with all of INUVIO’s hardware offerings and can deliver images in your choice of formats such as PDF, JPG, BMP, GIF and more.  Let INUVIO help you find the right hardware solution for each of your applications today.

As Qing Zhao, Vice President of Engineering, detailed, “Our software solutions are powerful and unique, for example our Hancock Signature Solution® (HSS) provides electronic signature capture, binding, authentication, and verification of digital documents. Existing documents such as medical forms, financial documents, security credentials, and more can be easily uploaded into the HSS software for electronic form building, signature capture and binding. The resulting digital document contains the original document, electronic signature, “check the box”, “fill in the blank” and “auto-populate” data, and a date/time stamp for authentication all in one. HSS input data can also be captured from a variety of digital devices such as signature pads, smart phones, tablets, and regular and touch-screen computers.  Another unique and useful solution is our ScanGlobal® product which allows one piece of imaging hardware or scanner to be shared over a network with other users (IP, LAN, WAN), similar to the common practice of sharing printers. With ScanGlobal ®, imaging hardware on any workstation can be accessed by any software running on a vWorkspace, Terminal Services or Citrix® server.  ScanGlobal® allows users to scan and store directly from their workstation to a server without shared folders or jeopardizing network security with no noticeable increase in scanning time even when used with high-speed hardware.”


Welcome to INUVIO, the path to IT (Information Technology) innovation. INUVIO specializes in designing and creating software and hardware solutions that accelerate the transfer of information from old-world hardcopy media to new-age digital formats and applications of all types. INUVIO is a pioneer and industry leader in digital image, language and document acquisition, identification, and manipulation. Our proprietary, industry-leading technology delivers the best quality images and most accurate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) possible. Our solutions minimize scanning and processing times and file sizes for the most cost-efficient results. We also build customized solutions to meet the diverse software and hardware needs of our partners and customers which range from individual installations to enterprise-wide systems to global implementations. INUVIO is proud to have partnered and integrated our technology with some of the largest IT application providers and enterprise systems in the world. INUVIO is the most unique company in IT today.  Look for our powerful and unique products such as ScanSharp®, ScanOCR®, Hancock Signature Solution®, ScanGlobal®, ScanMedic®, ScanID®, EcoScan® and many others and visit for more information.

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