Innovative Card Scanning Releases Updated Express OCR Software Developers Kit

Many Doctors have the problem of having claims rejected for one reason or another. Considering that a front-desk person is responsible for many other tasks other than data entry, typographical errors are bound to happen. Any typographical errors will result in the claim being denied and additional turnaround time for a Doctor to collect payment. The ability to scan and capture data accurately is the key to a Clean Claim. Systems need to get data in right the first time, every time. This is where our SDK benefits software application developers. The Express OCR Software Development Kit (SDK) is designed to help integrate TWAIN scanning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) into their product. Our SDK has the ability to use any TWAIN compliant scanners. Our SDK can OCR Insurance Cards, Driver’s Licenses, Insurance cards and much more. We can also customize our proprietary and innovative data capture technology to work with any other document types as needed by application. We value development partnerships as collaborative efforts to develop a product that will enhance the end user’s experience. Our knowledgeable Sales and Integration Team work with developers in partnership to develop the necessary workflow and provide any assistance during the integration process.

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