Inuvio Announces ScanOCR 6 with Local Templating

Increase Accuracy and Speed Up Patient Check-In with a Software that Frees your Physician Practice from the Endless Hours Needed To Collect Patient Documents and Data

Plano, Texas—October 22, 2012— Inuvio is pleased to announce the release of ScanOCR 6 with Local Templating.  ScanOCR 6 leverages industry-leading imaging and data extraction technologies to auto-populate Practice Management (PM) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems with editable demographic and insurance information from IDs and Health Insurance cards.  Other digital scanning solutions simply import images for record keeping, while ScanOCR 6 effortlessly extracts the information you need.  As a result, ScanOCR 6 saves physician practices thousands of dollars per year in time and labor related to patient registration, record keeping, copying, and manual data entry, greatly improving office productivity while helping better manage your revenue cycle.

“In today’s market, physicians need every advantage to reduce inefficiencies and improve their overall practice productivity,” said pediatrician Daniel J. Moulton, MD, FAAP. “With Inuvio’s ScanOCR 6 digital scanning solution, physician practices are freed from the inordinate amount of time and expense required to collect, copy and manually re-enter patient data.”

Incorrect or outdated patient information can greatly affect the financial health and well-being of a practice by slowing down reimbursement cycles, increasing denials and requiring hundreds of hours in front desk clerical time to fix.

ScanOCR 6 extracts data from thousands of variants of IDs and insurance cards out-of-the-box. With the addition of Local Templating, front desk staff can train ScanOCR 6 to extract data from new cards with a one-time minimal effort. ScanOCR 6 is easy to use and it supports any TWAIN-compliant scanner that offices may already have.

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