INUVIO Announces Remote and Network Scanning Solution

New ScanGlobal® Software Application Will be Available for Both RDP Terminal Services and Citrix
Plano, Texas, July 13th, 2012 –

INUVIO announces the development and beta testing of a new remote and network scanning and storage software solution. This new product is called ScanGlobal® and it will be available for both RDP Terminal Services and Citrix network environments. ScanGlobal® allows a single piece of imaging hardware or “scanner” on any client machine in a network to scan directly to a remote server over LAN or WAN. With ScanGlobal®, imaging hardware on any workstation can be accessed by any software running on a RDP Terminal Services or Citrix® server. ScanGlobal® allows any enterprise document management server software such as ScanSharp® and others to access any networked imaging hardware increasing overall cost-savings and efficiency. ScanGlobal® works seamlessly with all the other INUVIO™ products including ScanSharp® for card and document scanning and imaging and ScanOCR® for scanning and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) as well as third-party software applications and TWAIN hardware.

“In the past medical offices and other businesses had difficulty when trying to implement scanning, imaging and OCR or optical character recognition solutions in a remote or networked environment, which is very common in large or multi-location operations. Traditionally scanning hardware and software didn’t work in these environments, the most popular being RDP Terminal Services and Citrix. Before our new ScanGlobal® software, the available remote scanning solutions where limited, expensive, and difficult to implement”, stated Dr. Daniel J. Moulton, Founder and CEO, INUVIO.

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ScanGlobal® will allow users to scan directly from their workstation to a server without shared folders or jeopardizing network security. ScanGlobal® offers seamless and solid image and document scanning and OCR over complex network environments with no noticeable increase in scanning time even when used with high-speed hardware. ScanGlobal® addresses the need for documents to be scanned and stored on a remote server in any business with distributed office locations. ScanGlobal® features direct scan and store to a remote server, accessibility through RDP Terminal Services or Citrix, combines with INUVIO’s ScanSharp® for network imaging and ScanOCR® for network OCR (Optical Character Recognition), no noticeable increase in scan or OCR processing time, scan and store images and data among distributed locations, and fulfillment of “Meaningful Use” and PM/EHR requirements. Image scanning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) applications vary from healthcare such as doctors, dentist, vision, labs, and pharmacies, to financial such as banks, mortgage, transportation, shipping, and insurance, to security such as legal, government, education, and entertainment, to small office/home office and beyond. ScanGlobal® is a two-part (client/server) standalone application and does not require other INUVIO products.

“ScanGlobal will allow our customers and partners to implement the full range of our scanning, imaging and OCR or optical character recognition solutions across RDP Terminal Services or Citrix environments. We created it to facilitate the use of our other software programs, but ScanGlobal is a standalone application. This means it can be used with or without our other products. The software supports the use of any standard TWAIN compatible device including hardware devices from other manufacturers. ScanGlobal like all our products is designed to be flexible and provide maximum value to our many partners and customers”, explained David Miller, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, INUVIO.

INUVIO is proud to have partnered and integrated our technology with some of the largest IT solutions providers and enterprise systems such as PM (Practice Management), EHR (Electronic Health Records), CRM (Customer Relations Management) and others in the world. Our partners are integrators, developers, and resellers from around the globe. The integration of our SDK (Software Development Kit) with their software applications creates a powerful imaging and data capture solution that recognizes, translates and transfers information accurately and efficiently. In fact, joint IT development is one of our specialties. We maintain a full integration engineering staff in house. Third-party software clients can scan cards and documents and automatically capture customer images and data (such as name, address, numbers, ID number, group number, copay, and more) to modify or create the customer’s profile in their software application. They can also modify an existing profile through scanning an ID card and capturing demographic data (such as height, weight, race, eye and hair color and more). If data isn’t automatically captured, there is a simple drag and drop option to eliminate the necessary keystrokes and unintended transposition errors of manual data entry.

Our partners have the choice of integrating our powerful software products such as ScanSharp®, ScanOCR®, ScanSign® and others into their applications or we can do it for them. It’s up to them. We are always available to help our partners. We know that the foundation of any great partnership is integrity, trust, and mutually beneficial results. We only succeed when our partners do. Our products exist to increase competitive functionality and overall profitability for our partners. Please contact us at for more information about joining our VIP partner program today.

Welcome to INUVIO, the path to IT (Information Technology) innovation. INUVIO™ (formerly Innovative Card Scanning) is the original card and document scanning, imaging and OCR solution for the healthcare industry. Our solutions, such as MedicScan and ScanSharp® were created by a Doctor, Daniel J. Moulton, F.A.A.P., for Doctors and have been installed over 250,000 times since 2002. We have since evolved beyond card scanning and beyond healthcare into many new products and markets. Our solutions have been integrated into some of the largest PM and EHR systems in the world. We are proud to uphold our name’s meaning and be a “path to innovation” in IT solutions. INUVIO is the most unique company in IT today. Look for our powerful and unique products such as ScanSharp®, ScanOCR® with our patent pending Local Templating™ functionality, ScanSign®, ScanGlobal®, ScanMedic®, ScanID®, EcoScan®, EcoSign® and others. Please visit,, or for more information.
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