Inuvio Partners with athenahealth’s MDP Program to Improve Patient Check-In

Plano, TX – April 11, 2017 – Inuvio, an industry-leading provider of document capture and data extraction solutions, announced today a partnership with athenahealth, Inc. through athenahealth’s ‘More Disruption Please’ (MDP) program. As part of the athenahealth® Marketplace, PatientCollector, a newly integrated scanning and data extraction application, offers athenahealth’s growing network of nearly 88,000 healthcare providers streamlined patient check-in. This includes the ability to extract data from scanned cards and seamlessly auto-populate a patient’s chart with patient card images, photos, and demographic face-sheet for referrals to labs and pharmacies.

PatientCollector was designed from the bottom up to be a flexible system that supports an ever-widening range of workflows to meet the needs of healthcare practices of all sizes —and administrative best practices. It is comprehensive and modeled after common data entry workflows, drastically minimizing the need for retraining.

“Inuvio delivers a valuable service for the front desk and the back office,” said Justin Appleby, President of Inuvio. “It provides an intuitive workflow that allows practice staff to scan any type of document into a patient record and it helps reduce data entry errors with automated data extraction while ensuring that each patient record contains all of the documentation needed for claims and billing. This provides practice staff with more free time to tend other important tasks.”

athenahealth is a network-enabled services company with a vision to build a national health information backbone to help make healthcare work as it should. As an MDP partner, Inuvio joins a network of like-minded healthcare professionals who are looking to disrupt established approaches in healthcare that simply aren’t working, aren’t good enough, or aren’t advancing the industry and help providers thrive in the face of industry change.

To learn more about Inuvio’s new integrated application, please visit Inuvio’s product listing page on the Marketplace here.


About Inuvio

Inuvio is the industry leader in card/document scanning, image processing and data extraction solutions in healthcare. With a team of top-notch developers, sales, and support staff on a mission to revolutionize how physical data is captured, processed and stored in the physician’s office, Inuvio focuses on working closely with customers to continually assess their real needs in real-world office settings, delivering services that best fit their workflow needs and improve the quality of life for providers, staff and patients alike. With Inuvio’s rigorous, customer-centric approach to product development and its absolute commitment to positive end-results, customers work exclusively with knowledgeable sales and support teams who are constantly listening to their concerns and suggestions to ensure that each customer has the best solution possible for their particular needs. Inuvio’s unique approach assures the quality and dependability of the solutions offered while leveraging the knowledge gained from close communications with each customer to add even greater capabilities and efficiencies to their service line for all customers.


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